Frequently Asked Questions

How old should my child be to take your business courses?

Our courses are designed for kids 8+ and offered through parents or carers who want their children acquire valuable entrepreneurship and business skills. Teens keen to start their own business are invited to begin their entrepreneurial journey into the business world and build a big picture of marketing through our specially designed, comprehensive business courses for young entrepreneurs.

Can my child study independently?

Yes, your child can study on their own after you purchase the course. You may want to join in and make it a family activity because every course contains practice tasks where you can have great discussions and exchange ideas with your child. 

Do courses contain any advertising?

No, all examples are life -based, yet fictional and used to prompt the child think of  real examples they might have come across, to demonstrate a certain point. Our objective is purely educational, so the use of brands is very rare and supports the point being discussed. 

Are there any pre-requisites to courses?

Definiely not! The courses are designed to take kids on a learning journey to build up their knowledge towards the end of the course. The only requirement is their desire to learn and a note pad to do learning tasks.

Any more courses to come?

Yes, yes, yes! Miss M is busy developing more awesome courses for kids with a goal to spark further learning beyond school and develop a solid set of skills that match kids' natural interests.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do! We welcome you to join our affiliate program and look forward to supporting you. Please email us at
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