Business courses for kids

Help your child learn how to start a small business and navigate through the world of kid entrepreneurship

What makes us different

With full control over the course content, powered by formal education and sound entrepreneurial experience, we're proud to offer kids comprehensive business education beyond the lemondade stand. 

Only at our kid entrepreneurship academy kids have access to a comprehensive marketing program with life-based examples of core business concepts, to acquire a big picture of the business world. 
We are the only business program specially designed for kids that educates them about critical thinking skills through analysing marketing effects that surround kids everyday.
You have  freedom to equip your child with the skills of the future through self-paced online courses for kids without relying on school incursions or summer camps.
By joining our entrepreneurship academy for kids, you help your child discover their talents early and develop confidence to commercialise their business ideas.
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17 Business Ideas For Kids 

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