Business Games For Kids 8+

To help children enhance entrepreneurial and business skills they learn in our courses, we're offering free business games for kids. 
  • Learning activities based on core business concepts covered in our courses 
  • Easy rules and super easy to set up
  • No additional items required except for a dice and game markers (e.g. buttons)
  • Easy to print at home (colour print preferred)
  • Templates enclosed for your child to practise their very own business ideas.

Free Business Games For Kids

Simply download and print at your convenience

Beginner Entrepreneurs

This business game helps kids experience entrepreneurial selling and develop basic accounting skills.

Features and Benefits

This business game helps kids understand how these concepts complement each other in product descriptions.

Needs and Wants

This business game helps kids learn the difference between two key business concepts through everyday examples. 

17 Business Ideas For Kids

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