Nov 23

Step #5 - Selling through online channels

You may want to sell your product face to face - at fairs or through personal selling. This is called traditional marketing channels and it uses the same principles discussed in the previous posts and the business course for kids “Online Marketing Course For Young Entrepreneurs”.

Online is another sales channel and many beginner entrepreneurs choose it for there are many benefits, such as large audiences, low cost marketing programs available to attract customers, easy to setup and scale, low cost entry etc. If this is the channel you decide to pursue, please make sure you supervise your child and help them develop skills necessary for safe use of the internet.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this article and do not get any commission. These are examples only and you are encouraged to exercise independent evaluation and research of other platforms and tools when considering online sales.

One of the key things to remember when selling online is the visual component. How your product appears on the photos, banners, product cards etc. will have a huge impact on the appeal and engagement with your pages. Thus, it may be a good idea to learn design basics using simple tools for beginners, such as Canva which will teach you how to create basic designs within required dimensions.  

Another critical piece of knowledge is SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In short, it is “communicating” to search engines about your pages so they are ranked high in the search results, preferably in top 3 positions of the first page. There is abundant information on the internet to learn about SEO principles which include, but not limited to, keyword discovery (the phrases or words customers enter in the search bar), content creation, links and page authority, to name a few. Feel free to explore and apply the principles when you create your online profile.

Where can you sell online?

1) Marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, ebay, Etsy).

The main advantage is that they already have huge audiences of customers and a rather quick onboarding process. By learning simple instructions, you may be ready to sell in a matter of minutes. It goes without saying that you as a parent must be in charge of the registration process and any communication with support teams.  

2) Social Media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook)

Similar to marketplaces, you’ll need to explore how to setup a business profile on these platforms and provided your images and product descriptions are ready, you may start reaching your target audience quickly. You may want to start building a community well before your product is ready to launch. By creating a profile and high quality content around the area your future product addresses, will help you to have right leads who may become your first customers when you launch your business.

3)  Your website.       

Don’t worry if you have never built a website. Today, there are so many template-based website providers with clear and simple instructions that when you know principles of building SEO and visual strategies, it will not take you overly long to launch your own website with your child as a business partner.  You will need to consider other website-related matters such as email configuration, domain registration, integration with google search console and analytics among many others. You may want to start selling on the marketplaces and social media while building your website as it may take longer to setup and be ready to sell.  

This is the last publication for the holiday activity “Kids And Parents Start A Small Business Together”.  I hope you will find this “helicopter view” about starting a business with your child helpful and have clarity how to embrace entrepreneurship to realise the ideas you and your child are passionate about.

Please remember this activity is more about spending quality time together as a family and helping your kids learn essential life skills through actual practice under your supervision, be it online navigation, social media use, motivation to learn, analysis of complex information or discovery of your child’s talents.  

And who knows, your joint activity may create great life lasting memories and build confidence to chase dreams, not money – in you and your children.

All the very best in this journey and I would be more than happy to answer questions you may have along the way.

Merry Christmas to you and your families!  

Kind regards,
Julie (Miss M :)

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