Aug 3

Kid Entrepreneurship - Too Early? Nor Really.

Yesterday I dropped off my kids to the gymnastics class and took the opportunity to wander around and enjoy the sunshine. Lots of thoughts were in my mind. One of them was about this new direction I took in my life by creating Miss M Online Classes for kids. The main question I asked myself again and again was when is the right time to educate kids about entrepreneurship? Interestingly, the answer came from around the corner – a primary school-aged boy was carrying a trolley and delivering flyers to the neighbourhood mail boxes. That moment cemented my beliefs that educating children about earning money should start as early as they begin to show their entrepreneurial interests.

I’ll admit that I am one of those parents with traditional views on education. I grew up reading paper books, going to the library to find answers to my questions, and accepting the fact that earning was the privilege of adulthood. Now that I am a parent raising new generation kids, I cannot help but admit that nurturing entrepreneurial minds is one of the best things I can do for my children.

Earlier, I talked at length about benefits of kid entrepreneurship, how it helps connect school knowledge to real life and develop valuable practical skills. After seeing my own daughter’s unstoppable interest in running a small business and that boy with an obvious goal of earning pocket money, I realise that giving kids the opportunity to enterprise early teaches them financial freedom since they are young.  

For what I want for my daughters is that they do not feel trapped in a career or a job, no matter how well they are paid. I want them to strive and enjoy every moment of their life. And I want them to have a choice to change the situation at any point - without the fear of failure and without becoming a slave to the salary.

I want them, and other children, to be in the position to live life their way, so that money does not deny their goals. And should there be a need to pay for that dream trip or support their living while perfecting their talents, they will know that they can earn enough money to realise those dreams.

To live meaningful and fulfilled life. To share their talents, their knowledge, their experiences for the benefits of other people around them.

This is why I strongly believe that modern parents should encourage their children to start a business while they are under their wings and where parents can guide and support them. It is not going to shift their focus from studies. What is does is it creates motivation to pursue self-education and learning beyond the classroom. And how does that learning look like? It’s exactly that school knowledge applied to real life: learning to calculate, analyse the competitors, research the trends, create selling pitches, overcome objections, make mistakes and find ways to overcome them.

From ancient philosophers to modern educators, the idea of education based on genuine interest and inner motivation has been resonating through generations. And while the world has changed, the way how children learn – fundamentally has not changed. Thus, starting business as a child is an excellent opportunity to nurture commercial interests of young entrepreneurs. And for parents this is another way to connect with their children through showing their support in developing commercial intelligence.

Final thoughts.

Just imagine your child growing up to realise their dreams and do what they are passionate about, and not to pass yet another exam or wait for a monthly salary. As parents, we should not underestimate the power of encouraging our kids to set big goals and strive to achieve them.

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