Sep 17

Kid Entrepreneurship Skills For Life & Business

What does Albert Einstein have in common with young entrepreneurs? When the future physicist’s father gave him a compass, the five year-old boy was fascinated. He later admitted that day sparked his curiosity of learning and seeded the passion which set his journey into the science world.

If you ask a kid entrepreneur why they’ve started a business, a frequent answer is because they feel passionate about something, be it chocolate making or fashion design. It’s well known that passion is one of the key ingredients of life success, including commercial success. And when we talk about kid entrepreneurship, passion is the first thing to discover before even thinking of starting a business as a child. I am a firm believer that every person has unique talents that can benefit others. What comes to you naturally may require a lot of efforts for others and represent high value to them. For instance, if English is your native language, you’ll be a great (to say the least) source of practice for someone who studies it as an additional or a foreign language.

Thus, discovering your passions and talents is the first step towards a meaningful business. My advice to future entrepreneurs is to follow your passion, stay true to yourself, and have a big Why behind your goals. Starting a business for kids is not a guarantee of immediate income because most entrepreneurial journeys are very bumpy and you need really love what you do, and be diligent and consistent every day regardless of the income flow. And it’s so much easier when work makes you happy and charges you with energy.

And since we’ve started the conversation about entrepreneurship skills for kids, here are a few more to add to the list:

Think outside of the box.
Original ideas that solve problems or alleviate people’s pain are more likely to place you ahead of competition. So learn, explore, experiment and create solutions that make a great impact because they are different.

Don’t be afraid of failure.
Remember that mistakes are a part of learning. You are not supposed to know everything from the start but don’t let the lack of knowledge deny your dreams. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “do one thing every day that scares you” and you’ll go a long way.

Be patient.
As with many things in life, it takes patience to see the results. Bamboo trees take about 3 years to shoot from under the ground and reach their regular height within 2-3 months. Having patience and being persistent is important, especially in yearly days when you are establishing your business.

Learn every day.
Make self-learning a life goal and continue to build your knowledge outside of the classroom. If you want to become a kid business owner, you are likely to combine this new role with being a student. Talk to your parents or carers about the balance so your formal education is not compromised.

Love what you do!
I started this article with the conversation about passion and I’d like to finish saying that not only you need to have it, you need to radiate it. Showing your human side works like a magnet.

So before you start making entrepreneurial steps to make money, discover your passion. It’s contagious and a sure sign you’ve found the right thing to do!  
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