Nov 23

Step #1 - Discovering business ideas and true passions.

Big welcome to the first part of the series for parents who are keen to start a business together with their kids these holidays!

It all begins with an idea and it is worth investing a good amount of time to understand what ticks your heart and the heart of your child. There are many ways to find business ideas. I talk about some of them in my business course for kids “Online Marketing Course For Young Entrepreneurs”. You are welcome to enrol your child in this course to learn about core marketing concepts which we will draw on in the upcoming articles.

To avoid repetition and with the knowledge that these series are aimed at adults, I would like to share tips that will help you have conversations with your child around finding the business idea they would like to pursue with your support.

You probably read it many times that everyone is born with a unique set of talents. And even if you are unsure of what exactly your talents or your children’s talents are, there is absolutely no doubt you and your kids have them.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you and your children brainstorm business ideas:

Most likely, there are things that you enjoy doing. Things that fill you with energy and inspiration. Things you’d like to do even when you are very tired. Take a rest, slow down, and switch off from your everyday routine. When you re-connect with yourself, you may recognise your inner callings easily. If not, dedicate time to yourself regularly and just keep asking what is it that gives you pleasure and you’d like to keep doing.

Is there anything you or your child is currently struggling with? Perhaps, it is getting ready for school in the morning or organising their room? How do you overcome those difficulties?

Chances are that other people may experiences the same and your solution may benefit them too. Think about the issues in your everyday routine and think how these can be overcome. This may turn into a great business idea!

Another useful trick to re-discover your passions is to think of your early childhood. What was it that you enjoyed the most? Was it reading, planting with your grandparents, creating stuff? If you had a chance, how could you adapt those activities today? Perhaps, you’d like explore about gardening or creating home décor or toys using your crafty talents?

Your childhood memories may provide you with great insights into what your heart was pumping about and connect those activities to today’s passions. It’s ok for you to have a lead and express ideas which may be of interest to your child too.

Even if their role if just see and help with what you are doing, it is still valuable experience to learn about entrepreneurship together.

Imagine for a moment that whatever you need to do today is done for you and money is no longer an issue. Need to make breakfast? It’s done. Need to clean the house? Done. Need to go to work? Tick. What is it after absolutely everything on your daily list is complete and you have hours to do whatever you like? Would you learn painting to create your own works? Would you do teaching? Would you write a book or invent something new?

Dream about your ideal day when you are pumped with energy. The things you’d choose to do may be your true passions. Whether you find these tips useful or decide to come up with your own way, remember that discovering your true passions takes time and honesty.

Eventually, the answer will come which may be the beginning of a happier chapter of your life or a start of an exciting entrepreneurial journey for your child!
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