Nov 23

Step #4 - Branding and communications.

This is a very exciting part of the business process! However it is important to note that it should take place after you’ve carefully studied the market, customer requirements and expectations, and competitors’ offers.

In the “Online Marketing Course For Young Entrepreneurs” I talk about how to come up with the product name, create a brand, develop product positioning, and design marketing communications mixes. Enrol in the course to learn about these marketing concepts that will allow you to build good understanding and apply the knowledge for your own business.

What do you want customers to associate your product with? What describing words would you like them to think about when they see, use or talk about your product? This shapes the tone, voice and visual representation of your communications, and forms a part of your brand.

Remember that you as a parent are in charge of any regulations related to packaging, labels, permits and compliance issues. Please take time to explore what is required by the law for you to run the business safely and account for them at this development stage.

As for selling messages, also known as sales pitch, they need to be:

  • True (don’t exaggerate)
  • Authentic (let the customers feel your own voice and feelings through product descriptions, blog articles, etc).
  • Consistent through verbal and visual representation.  

At this stage you may also want to think together with your child how you will turn new customers into regulars. Is there any loyalty program that you may want to develop? Your personal experiences or observations of local businesses may give you a good idea of how you may attract customers for repeat purchases.

Final note

Entrepreneurs don’t sell products. They solve problems, alleviate pain, and meet the needs and wants of people, to have a better life. A good entrepreneur uses emotional and functional descriptors, such as features and benefits, to help customers understand what change a product will make in their lives.  

More information about creating product positioning, differentiation and selling messages is covered in the “Online Marketing Course For Young Entrepreneurs”.
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