Jun 17
Hi and welcome to my blog!

I am Julie and I live in the beautiful city of Melbourne with my two gorgeous daughters, who are my endless love and inspiration. It is with them in mind I created Miss M Online Classes - the project where I share important lessons I learnt through life, teaching, marketing and entrepreneurship, to help them walk their walk while staying true to their selves.

The idea of this project was born in 2021. After stepping down from the family business, I worked as a casual relief teacher across a number of government primary schools in Melbourne. One thing that surprised me was vast disengagement where kids were simply not interested in learning. I saw this in many classrooms and I talked to school principals who confirmed that the problem of motivation was very topical for many schools.

This made me re-think why some kids enjoy studying, while others refuse it despite many great educational tools and resources at their hands. The answer came about during the pandemic when I helped my elder daughter with remote learning. I saw that she was far more interested and switched on when I turned boring school lessons into meaningful studies.

One day, when they studied fractions, I scribbled her favourite cookie receipt on a whiteboard using fractions. Cooking is one of her favourite activities. She felt so inspired while measuring halves, thirds, quarters, fifths of the ingredients for the dough. She absorbed the topic of fractions like a sponge and went on to further explore sixth, sevenths, eights, adding them and comparing the totals.

One of my degrees being in teaching and another in marketing, I concluded that the winning formula has not changed - personal interest based on natural curiosity to understand how things work in life - and works wonders.

Often, kids makes these connections on their own and enjoy studies because they satisfy their thirst for knowledge. However, there are kids who need some support with developing motivation and linking academic learning to real life. 

I want to support you, the modern parent, to be that guiding star to help your child develop inner motivation for learning and make sense of formal education. My goal is to inspire kids to pursue knowledge in the same way they hunt for food in the fridge when hungry.

I want them to understand how every single day of studies can bring them closer to their dreams. And I want to equip parents with simple tips across a variety of education-related topics, so we enable our kids to stand firmly their grounds when they leave our home nest.

Thanks for joining me in this journey!

Julie Medeiros
(Miss M)
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