I am Julie,
or Miss M

Teaching kids is my talent & passion

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I am delighted to share my business and teaching experience with young entrepreneurs, to help them discover their  inner talents and learn new skills, naturally. My goal is to have a driven child who wants to learn how to make money and how school studies can benefit in realising their entrepreneurial dreams.
The words i tell my own kids:

Chase your dreams,
not money 

Dear Parents and Carers,
It is an honour to e-meet you at my kid entrepreneurship academy which I’ve designed with my own children in mind.

I’ll admit that when I graduated from a teaching university about 20 years ago, life took me on an amazing journey. I was invited to join the pharmaceutical world where I successfully started a new career as a marketer. My passion for business education brought me to Australia where I successfully completed Master of Marketing degree at Monash University and dedicated almost two decades to corporate marketing and sales.

When my elder daughter was born, I used the maternity leave to start an online business which focused on retail of high end beauty products. This was fantastic experience in many ways. Not only I satisfied my long-standing thirst for digital marketing, but I also tasted the perfect life balance while caring for my young family.
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The pandemic presented an opportunity to become a home teacher for my own kids during remote learning. And this is when I re-discovered my passion for teaching, as well as the gaps in modern school education and how far it was from teaching skills kids need in today’s world. I had to honestly answer the question: is the academic knowledge my children learn at school relevant to what I want them to know? Sadly, the answer was no. I went to validate my teaching degree and came back to the classrooms. And what I noticed was huge disengagement of students which affected their learning.

In my project, I'm detrmined to re-ignite the spark of learning and help children connect the academic knowledge to real life through relevant, kid-friendly business courses.

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With recognition that not all children are enterprising, I've developed an initiative to educate all children about marketing effects so they make smart buying decisions and avoid impulse purchases. This is done through critical analysis of advertisements, product claims, powerful selling words, colour perceptions in trading and more. These basics of financial literacy and money management for kids are future-proof skills we need to teach our kids early.

By sharing my business expertise and knowing how to "cook" the knowledge so kids are keen to explore more of it, I'm determined to help parents nurture young entrepreneurial minds so children confidently pursue their true passions and know how to earn by excelling at what they enjoy, without money dragging them away from their dreams. 

I invite parents and carers who see value in kid entrepreneurship and business education to join me in this journey!

Yours sincerely,

Julie Medeiros, Founder of Miss M Online Classes 

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