I am Julie,
or Miss M

Teaching kids is my talent & passion

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I am delighted to share my business and teaching experience with young entrepreneurs, to help them discover their  inner talents and learn new skills, naturally. My goal is to have a driven child who wants to learn how things work in real life and how everyday school learning can benefit in realising their dreams.
designing online courses for kids WITH MY OWN CHILDREN IN MIND

About Miss M 

Dear parents and carers,  

My name is Julie and I am a mother of two beautiful primary school-aged children, and someone who takes raising kids as a gift of life. We live in the city of Melbourne and enjoy to spend time outdoors where I teach my daughters to find the unusual in the usual.

Kids education is what makes my heart pump and prompts continuous learning, to make sure I build firm foundations for my kids they will take into their adult life.
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Following a long-standing marketing career at large pharmaceutical organisations, including running my family business, last year I unshelfed my teaching degree and became a casual relief teacher in primary & secondary schools in western suburbs of Melbourne.

It is thanks to this experience of going back to the classroom, as well as being a home teacher of my own children during the pandemic, that I re-discovered my passion for teaching, and noticed a huge gap between modern education approaches and how kids want to be educated these days.

This is why I founded Miss M Online Classes for kids. In this project, I combine my teaching degree with my marketing and entrepreneurial experience into online courses for kids, to connect academic knowledge to real life and motivate young learners to pursue education beyond the school.

In my blog, I explore various aspects of school education, how it fits into the overall picture of kids education, the role of primary school in preparing children for further studies and future employment (or should I rather say self-employment given 9 of 10 of today's students plan to run their own business, either full time or part time).

I invite parents who view education as a valuable investment into their child’s future to join me in this journey.

I will share my expertise as a teacher, a parent and a business professional, to benefit parents in maximising opportunities of the school age, to help navigate the world of education and help support children in developing essential life skills early.

Thank you for joining me!

Yours sincerely,

Julie Medeiros

Founder of Miss M Online Classes

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Enjoy learning together with your child!

GUIDE your child TO
Words I live by

"Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds."




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