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We're honoured to offer quality business education for kids 8+ to help them discover & monetize their talents, and pursue learning beyond the classroom.

Developed by an Australian teacher, a mother and a business professional, these online courses can be taken anytime, anywhere to help your kid become a young entrepreneur.  
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Engaging entrepreneurial minds 

Hi, I'm Julie, the founder and sole creator of Miss M Online Classes. It's an honour to share my marketing and entrepreneurial experience with kids willing to start their own business.

With the teaching degree on one hand, I know how to explain complex concepts and ignite a spark of learning in children. With the Master of marketing, sound corporate experience at large organisations and having run a successful family business, I share valuable professional knowledge I've learnt through my own entrepreneurial journey.

My online courses aim to help young entrepreneurs discover business ideas for kids and equip them with tangible skills they are able to apply straight away. And I teach exactly how I’d like my own children to be taught. That is through trust and personal record of entrepreneurial success that motivates kids to pursue their big dreams.

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Convenient learning

Self-paced courses can be taken after school, on a weekend or during school holidays without the need to drive kids to yet another after school activity.

Valuable life

Young entrepreneurs and non-enterprising children learn essenial life skills that will benefit them when young and grown up, at school and beyond. 

Great gift that's not a toy 

Entrepreneur education for kids is a perfect Christmas gift idea or birthday present that does not clutter your house with more toys but creates learning motivation.

Perfect family activity

The whole family can join and learn together. Some of our parents found these courses useful in starting their own entrepreneurial journey.

Why us?

Teaching kids about entrepreneurship without showing them the bigger picture of how business works through marketing concepts is the same as teaching them to read without introducing to the alphabet first. 

This mini entrepreneurship academy enables children to learn about marketing in simple terms and equips them with skills to navigate their own entrepreneurial journey.

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Current online courses for kids


Helping young entrepreneurs start a business for kids 

1. Draw on natural interests

Our entrepreneurship course for kids aims to  answer many "Why" and "How" questions about starting a business for kids through engaging their entrepreneurial minds.

2. Involve through examples 

Tools used in our courses are relevant to children and form a part of their everyday experiences. Kids can draw on examples and see how complex concepts work in real life. 

3. Guide to apply new knowledge

Knowledge on its own is good, but knowledge turned into a skill  is invaluable. As an outcome, we equip children with the knowlege to start a successful kid business.

17 small business ideas for teens and pre-teens

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What parents say about us 

My kids all have additional needs and struggle with traditional education, linking these concepts to real life is brilliant.
Julie sees what the kids of today think and feel towards school and learning. It’s time the Education Department follow suit. 
My daughter needs the time management skills so that when she becomes a boss, she will know how to run everything!
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